Lexx Peri

Alex “Mr. Lexx” Peri, a native New Yorker, of Colombian and Uruguayan parents, husband and father of three small children, mentor, founder and artistic director of MCAC has over 15 years of working in mental health services, youth leadership development and community improvement organizations.

For over 20 years, Mr. Lexx also known as MC Lexx has been a professionally recognized Bilingual MC/ DJ, Radio Personality, Dancer and Event Producer throughout Metro Atlanta and through his company Real Class Entertainment.com offering mobile event entertainment services for all special occasions.

MCAC’s programs have been helping in developing the talents and expertise of young people and parents in the area of music & personal growth. Recognizing the importance of each youth having a platform to be self-expressive, Mr. Lexx and his team are driven to make a difference in the lives of the youth and their families while making a positive impact in our community to show people the importance of helping others grow as we grow ourselves.

Currently Lexx is one of the founders and creators of MCAC Studios. The focus of the Studio productions is to continue to bring positivity, enlightenment and love through public arts performances and online shows.