Celida Solis

Celida Solis is the Public Relation Specialist for Atlanta based Latin American art collective Contrapunto and daughter of Venezuelan artist and founder of Contrapunto, Carlos Solis. Celida is a multidisciplinary artist who has been immersed in the art world for decades, embracing all forms of artistic expression. Aside from working with promoting and representing Contrapunto, Celida worked as a muralist alongside her father, logo designer, freelance model, folkloric dancer in dance group Tierra de Gracia and actress in the humanitarian performance art project “Journey Through La Venezuela Que Llevo Dentro” by Venezuelan playwright Beth Mendez, even receiving special honors from the Colombian consulate in 2019.

In tandem with her passion for the arts in all its forms, Celida developed a strong background in non-profit activism and quantitative analysis. Celida holds a Bachelors’ in international affairs with a concentration in diplomacy, studying interdisciplinary fields including global security, foreign policy and political philosophy, from Kennesaw State University where she graduated with honors.

Finding her niche in the intersectionality between politics and technology, she currently works as a digital strategist and freelance software engineer, using her art and design experience to work on comprehensive applications, data visualizations and creative media campaigns. Celida’s objective is to be part of tangible change in the community and contribute to various projects that support creatives down to the individual level.