Viviana Chavez

Viviana (“Vivi”) is an Atlanta native and proud daughter of immigrants. Vivi has been working in the Film and TV industry since 2010 as an actress, producer, and coach. She got her start in high school theater and double-majored at UGA in Theatre and Video Production. During her senior year of college, Vivi signed with People Store Talent Agency in Atlanta and has booked many notable works over the years including The Walking Dead, The Resident, Baby Driver, Dynasty, and more. Alongside her on-camera succes, Vivi has produced content for companies like Husky Tools, Lake Lanier, and Coca Cola. She was a co-founder of and worked with Latinas In Media Atlanta from 2018-2021 to produce Latine talent showcases.

Having worked as a freelance creator for over ten years, Vivi empathizes with film artists who seek to make a living with their art but struggle knowing how to keep the pace as a small business. She believes in artists making a living doing what they love and rejects the notion of a classic “starving artist.” An artist should starve to create art, not to eat. As someone who values education and learning, Vivi looks to provide as much help and insight to others who aim to follow a similar path.

Viviana is currently acting in a feature film and is in development of a new production company alongside her husband, Travis Sawyer. She will also make an appearance in the upcoming summer movie The Valet, starring Eugeno Derbez. When she’s not working, Vivi enjoys drinking coffee and catching up with friends.